Blogger Local: Welcome to the Small Business Superheroes Podcast. Today our featured guest is Karin from Karin Ross Designs. Welcome to the show Karin.

Karin Ross: Hi. Thank you for having me.

Blogger Local: Sure. First, can you tell us about your company? What kinds of products or services does your company provide, and what makes you stand out from the crowd?

Meet Karin Ross of Kansas City

Karin Ross: Sure. So, the name this form is Karin Ross Designs. What we do is we do interior design and remodel. I can help any client to do the standard interior design, which is furnituring, color selection, tile selection, countertop selection, but we also do a full kitchen remodels and bathroom remodels. That is where, I like to say, that you can use my full potential because there is a lot of designers today … Furniture selection … So many that know what to do on the field when it comes to kitchen cabinetry and then embracing the whole remodeling process. So, just to recap, we are again a design plus remodel company, and we are very good to be used for kitchen or bathroom remodels.

Blogger Local: Okay. Could you provide us with a brief history of your journey as an entrepreneur?

Karin Ross: Yeah. We started, me and my husband, about 20 years ago. The whole idea was that we wanted to work together, so we really like to be with each other. And I understand that some people may say, “Oh, but working with your partner is so hard.” We actually enjoy that. I think that that is another thing that make us unique is because we love to be with each other. We love to work together. It actually help us when problem solving at work, because we trust so much each other and we know what to expect from each other that it helps us, and it helps the client.

But, we started with new construction in the new homes, and the love of creating something for somebody else that they can enjoy later was so strong that once the recession hit, and the new construction was not so popular, we went into remodel with a couple years there in between with family, having a baby and so on that I skipped. But, remodeling was the next best solution so that we can keep doing what we do together, and that’s how we came along. We have, as everybody has had their ups and downs, but overall I think that we are very strong working together.

Blogger Local: Okay. Can you tell me why you love what you do?

Karin Ross: The smile that people have on their face when the project is done, and the way they say thank you for creating something for me, resolving the problem that they have had, is what keeps me going in this business. There is lots of people that have different issues, being in the kitchen or bathroom. It doesn’t matter. But, they don’t like what they have. They actually hate what they have. So, me coming on board to resolve that issue, to create, for example, from a very small island, to be able to create this big island where you can sit 10 different people that can gather with you as you cooking your meals during the holidays. Or, perhaps your shower is a whole new shower that is so hard to get in and out, and now I’m giving you this walk-in shower that is just amazing. It brings joy for you to want to get up in the morning. It’s simple as that. It’s the smile on my clients’ faces and the thank you they say.

Blogger Local: That’s great. Okay, I’d love to talk about marking a little bit. How are you marketing your business in Kansas City?

Karin Ross: I do a lot of paper advertisement, magazines. I use house, which is great because right there you can have the customer see what you have done. You can collaborate already on ideas that maybe they like and want to do in their home. You can tell them, “Look at this. Look at that.” I love house. It’s a great, great platform, and put people together, and the projects are beautiful that comes out from that. And then, like I said, I do Kansas City Space Magazine. I do some local advertisement in paper, like the [Lishammer 00:05:12] Journal. There’s just anywhere that I can put images, because for my type of business, very important to be able to show what kind of project I can do, what style I can do, so that when a customer calls, they already know that, “Oh, she got me. I saw that. I understand what design she can do, so I’m in good hands.”

Blogger Local: Okay. Do you have any advice you would like to offer to would-be entrepreneurs who want to start their own local business?

Karin Ross: They need to know the niche. They need to know exactly who they’re targeting as their clientele, being age, being socially, being money-wise. What I mean is, you need to know how old is your client, how much you think they can spend, and where do you want to target them? And you need to be very passionate about what you do, because it will come. People will see that. If you’re not passionate, don’t even start the business.

Blogger Local: That’s good advice. Okay, so we’re gonna switch gears a little bit to ask a couple of fun questions. What are your favorite things about Kansas City?

Karin Ross: I love Kansas City fountains. It’s probably the one of the most beautiful cities in the United States that I have visit. There is … I haven’t been in Washington yet, and I know that’s a pretty city, but I love, love the fountains of Kansas City. Every fountain seems to bring a different style, and it tells a story on it’s own, and I just … I get amazed. I can sit and watch the water coming and flowing for hours. It calms me down. It’s beautiful.

Blogger Local: That’s great. What about … Where do you like to eat? Or what kind of events do you like to go to in Kansas City?

Karin Ross: I like Italian food, and Kansas City has a long list of Italian restaurants, that’s for sure. Everybody has their different spins on the classic pizza, the spaghetti bowl, but it seems that North in Leawood, they had got it right. It’s the perfect spices on the pizza, the perfect spaghetti bowl. It’s good.

Blogger Local: Okay, that’s great. What kind of hobbies do you have? Or what do you do in your free time with your friends or family?

Karin Ross: Don’t have much free time. Being an entrepreneur, it’s probably everybody could agree with me that it takes a lots of time.

Blogger Local: It does.

Karin Ross: But in the very small amount of time that I have, I like to watch the Chiefs, of course, and … Which are starting this Thursday.

Blogger Local: Yeah!

Karin Ross: The next thing is probably watch a good movie, a good movie, action, or a drama. It doesn’t matter. It’s a good movie where sitting down with the family and just enjoying the movie.

Blogger Local: That’s great. Okay, before we wrap up, do you have any special offers, promotions, or new products or services on the horizon you would like to mention?

Karin, did I lose you?



Okay, before we wrap up, I wanted to see if you have any specials or promotions that you would like to share with our listeners?

Karin Ross: Yes, actual we do. With the Fall coming up, and being the season to wrap up some last kitchen or bathroom remodels before the holidays, we have a $2,500 off from a full kitchen remodel, or a $1,500 off of a full bathroom remodel. So, that is great savings. Give us a call.

Blogger Local: Okay. So, can you tell them the best way to contact you or find you online?

Karin Ross: Sure. Our website is, or they can also call us at 816-425-2815.

Blogger Local: Okay, great. Well, thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us on the Small Business Heroes Podcast.

Karin Ross: No problem. My pleasure. Thank you so much.

Blogger Local: All right. Have a great day.

Karin Ross: You too.