Are you searching for the best WordPress hosting companies?

Every day, thousands of bloggers and small business owners search for “WordPress hosting for small business”.

When you want something done right, go to the experts. Hosting a WordPress site is best left to the companies that specialize in WordPress for exactly this reason. These hosts know WordPress inside and out and will take your WordPress site to new levels of excellence.

The difference between a generic web host and one that specializes in WordPress is expertise. A good host knows how to make your WordPress site run smoothly, from the backend forward. That means you will get increased speed, security, and support, along with search engine friendly hosting, servers that are specially configured for WordPress, and SSL support.

Remember the 4 S’s of WordPress Web Hosting

Web Hosting Speed

Let’s look at speed first. A host dedicated to WordPress users knows exactly what hardware is needed to maximize speed. These companies have already purchased and set up the system to provide the memory, processing power, and disk space the average WP site needs. Data transfer speed and transfer times matter, too, and a solid WordPress host knows what to do here, too.

Web Hosting Security

Security, of course, is an important consideration for any site. Hosts who work with WP know the ways people try to hack into or otherwise compromise WordPress sites and have barriers in place before your site ever goes live.

Web Hosting Support

Dedicated support, based on the needs of a WordPress user, is a big draw to finding a WordPress-oriented host. Instead of a support tech having to figure out where to start, learning more about WP as they go, you’ll have access to a support team that knows what makes WordPress work, and what happens when it doesn’t.

Web Hosting SEO Friendliness

Some WordPress hosts have managed plans that make SEO easy. With the right plugins and the appropriate tech environment to ensure that your site looks good to Google and other search engines, SEO takes off under the care of these hosts.

Not everyone is a tech genius and that’s okay. Having a host who can configure your server for WP, and ensure that your SSL encryption technology is in place, is well worth finding a company that understands WordPress. You’ll get better security, better site responsiveness, and an overall better experience through working with a host who can perfect the backend configuration for your WordPress site — and you won’t have to do it yourself.

While having a top-notch web host is practically priceless, there are always affordability considerations when it comes to budgeting for your website. Luckily, many of these WordPress specific hosts keep costs low for their user base, providing various plans based on the level of traffic you expect, and staying budget friendly without compromising on the quality of your site.

Now, to narrow down hosting options. There are a lot of web hosts out there who offer WordPress compatibility, and we know it can be hard to select the best one for your needs. Balancing tech needs, budget, and other features and capabilities is the key to finding a host that suits your site.

Our top 10 favorites are a good place to start!

What are the best WordPress hosting companies?

These are the best WordPress Hosting companies for bloggers and small businesses:

  1. WP Engine
  2. Liquid Web
  3. Kinsta
  4. Siteground
  5. Green Geeks
  6. Rose Hosting
  7. Pantheon
  8. Rapid Boxes
  9. Flywheel
  10. Amazon

You will notice that we do not include any hosting companies from Endurance International Group.  This is a web hosting conglomerate that owns dozens of web hosting companies like HostGator and Bluehost.  When this company acquires web hosting companies, the quality of hosting, service and support usually falls dramatically.

Check out the full WordPress hosting company reviews below.


These 10 Best WordPress Hosting Companies for Small Businesses & Bloggers in 2019



WPEngine is a popular choice among WordPress hosts, for many good reasons!

WPEngine was one of the first managed WordPress hosts around and has perfected what they do.

This company is known for its speed, with well-built, snappy servers. Unlimited data transfer is part of every plan, from the personal scale up to enterprise grade. Disk storage varies based on the level of plan, as does the traffic volume the host will support. A content delivery network adds to the load time speed, an added paid feature for personal level users. It’s key to know that even if you choose a lower level plan, you’ll experience good speed.

Security is important and WPEngine supports it with automatic updates of the WordPress platform, tested before installation. Their own security system works to block intruders and attacks. In fact, the WPEngine security system is so strong that if your site is hacked, this host will fix it on their own dime.

The support team is as robust as the host’s features, with WordPress experts available at any time. Access to phone or email support varies based on plan level, but all users are able to get live chat assistance.

WPEngine offers top-notch features like staging, a way to duplicate your site for testing before making any public changes. It comes with the latest version of PHP.

Big name clients of WPEngine include Yelp, Asana, National Geographic, PBS, MyFitnessPal, HTC, FourSquare, and SoundCloud. If you go with this host, you will be in good company.

WPEngine Pros, Cons & Cost


  • It’s fast
  • It’s secure
  • Great customer support


  • It’s kind of expensive; price went up yet again in 2018
  • No free email
  • It costs money for every new site

Cost (Entry Level Plan)

  • $35/mo
  • 1 install (1 url)
  • 25K visits/month
  • 10 GB local storage
  • Free SSL certificates

wp engine review

WP Engine
504 Lavaca St #1000
Austin, TX 78701
Phone: (877) 973-6446


Liquid Web

Simply put, if you are looking for amazing power and speed on a personal or enterprise level, Liquid Web is worth a look. Clients of LiquidWeb are guaranteed no overage fees, traffic limits, or metered page views.

Its managed WordPress hosting starts with a plan that includes 5TB of data transfers a month, and a 30GB solid-state storage drive. The agency plan is the largest, supporting 50 sites with 200GB of storage and iThemes sync along with the 5TB of bandwidth.

Daily automatic backups are stored offsite for 30 days, restored with a click. Each site comes with an SSL certificate for free, and a staging site is also part of the plan. An image optimization plugin included improving speed as well.

LiquidWeb’s features are what make it stand out, along with its speed and security. The iThemes sync plugin enables users to monitor site uptime/downtime, work with Google Analytics data, monitor post SEO, and control what clients see in wp-admin.

LiquidWeb updates WP installations and updates users plugins too, testing it separately to ensure there are no conflicts before updating the actual site.

A support team is there to monitoring servers and optimize performance, available 24/7 to users who need assistance. Liquid Web says that technicians will respond on the first contact.

Clients like Motorola, Red Bull, ESPN, Audi, Eddie Bauer, Home Depot, National Geographic, Porsche, Symantec and FedEx use Liquid Web.

Liquid web Pros, Cons & Cost


  • It’s fast
  • It’s secure
  • Phone support
  • Strong VPS & Dedicated Hosting Packages


  • Expensive entry price
  • No free email
  • It costs money for every new site

Cost (Entry Level Plan)

  • $69/mo
  • 1 install (1 url)
  • 5TB Bandwidth
  • 30 GB local storage
  • Free SSL certificates

liquid web reviews

Liquid Web
2703 Ena Dr
Lansing, MI 48917
Phone: (800) 580-4985


Kinsta is a managed WordPress host powered by Google Cloud, with the solid infrastructure and speed that comes with this reputable system.

State of the art tech keeps your site loading quickly and running smoothly, with automatic scalability. Security features include both active and passive protection, including firewalls, uptime monitoring, and attack detection. You can rest assured that your site is safe with these features.

Plans start with one WP install, 20,000 visits, and 3 GB of disk space up to the highest enterprise level of 80 WP installs, 1,500,000 visits, and 120 GB of disk space.

Because of its uptime checks, performed every minute, Kinsta’s support team can react quickly. The team works to troubleshoot, maintain, and build features for WordPress, and runs a user knowledge base for additional assistance.

If you already have a WordPress site and want to migrate, Kinsta offers this service for free, with no downtime and a pre-publication test.

Kinsta stores 14 instances of backup copies, with a daily backup system automatically in place. You can also back up your site on demand.

A staging site is part of Kinsta’s offerings, as are free SSLs. There are many optional add-ons to support various types of businesses, and Kinsta encourages its clients to reach out if they need something additional for their tech stack.

If you choose to host with Kinsta, you will join clients like Ubisoft, Ricoh, ASOS, Intuit, and General Electric. It’s a popular choice for many companies.

Kinsta Pros, Cons & Cost


  • It’s fast
  • It’s secure


  • Expensive
  • No phone support
  • It costs money for every new site
  • No migration help in base plan

Cost (Entry Level Plan)

  • $30/mo
  • 1 install (1 url)
  • 20,000 visits/mo
  • 3 GB local storage
  • Free SSL certificates

kinsta review

Kinsta WordPress Hosting
Unit22 Bulrushes Business Park
Coombe Hill Road
East Grinstead
West Sussex
Phone: +44 20 3239 3173


SiteGround is awesome!  Blogger Local is hosted on Siteground (on a cloud hosting plan)!

SiteGround is known to be a very speedy WordPress host, typically ranked highly among WP users. Its servers are optimized to the fullest extent, with the best hardware and multiple locations for customers to select. With SiteGround’s services, you can rely on their tech to support a fast-loading site.

The company’s affordable WordPress hosting plans start with 10GB of storage, 10,000 visitors/month, and one domain, up to a plan with 30GB storage, 100,000 visitors a month, and unlimited domains. All of the plans come with unlimited email and monthly data transfers, and SiteGround offers its own free WordPress themes to clients.

This host has its own security site scanner, as well as anti-spam mechanisms and a robust password protection system. The support team has tools that are specifically made to address common WordPress security issues. Daily backups are integrated into the system.

Support comes in the form of 24/7 access via phone, live chat, and tickets. SiteGround says there is virtually no waiting time for chat and phone support and roughly ten minutes waiting time for a ticket to be addressed.

Additional features include a free transfer from a previous host to SiteGround, auto-updates of the WordPress platform, and a staging site with the highest level plan.

Whether you are running a blog, a site for a project, or a small business site, there is a SiteGround plan to suit your needs. In fact, this host is endorsed by the WordPress platform itself.

Siteground Pros, Cons & Cost


  • It’s fast
  • It’s super affordable
  • Phenomenal support


  • Need to buy advance security separate (ie Sucuri)

Cost (Entry Level Plan)

  • $3.95/mo
  • Unlimited installs
  • 10,000 visits/mo
  • 10 GB local storage
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Free WildCard SSL certificates

siteground review

Siteground Hosting Inc.
901 N. Pitt St, Suite 325
Alexandria, 22314 VA
Phone: (800) 828-9231


GreenGeeks offers an interesting angle. It’s a web hosting platform with a focus on being environmentally friendly. The company is dedicated to putting back three times the power it consumes into the grid via renewable energy. If you are interested in being eco-friendly, GreenGeeks’ wind energy credits may be of note to you. The company also focuses on eco-friendly practices in its own offices, cutting down its carbon footprint as much as possible.

In terms of tech, GreenGeeks offers robust servers and storage arrays, with built-in caching technology to speed up performance. Its load times are fast, and hosting includes unlimited SSD web space and data transfer.

GreenGeeks offers one-click installation of WordPress, on servers that are built to suit the needs of the platform. It automatically updates WP installations, and monitors its sites to ensure that common WordPress attacks are not a problem. Backups are also automated, on a nightly basis.

Like other hosts on this list, you will find GreenGeeks offers attractive features like a free SSL certificate, free site migration, and free CloudFlare CDN integration.

GreenGeeks’ support is available at any time, via live chat, email, or phone. The phone support services are only available during business hours, but live chat is 24/7/365. WordPress experts are part of the support team so your WP-specific questions and issues will be handled.

GreenGeeks offers affordable WordPress hosting, with a unique environmentally friendly approach. If you are all about being eco-friendly, this could be the host for you.


  • It’s fast
  • It’s super affordable


  • Mixed online reputation; See the GreenGeeks Yelp page
  • Need to buy advance security separate (ie Sucuri)

Cost (Entry Level Plan)

  • $3.95/mo
  • Unlimited SSD Web Space & Data Transfer
  • Unlimited Domains on 1 Account
  • FREE Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL
  • FREE Domain Name Registration or Transfer
  • 24/7/365 Expert Tech Support
  • FREE Website Transfer Service
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

green geeks web hosting review

5739 Kanan Rd, Ste 300
Agoura Hills, CA 91301
Phone: (877) 326-7483



RoseHosting is a longstanding web host, with an impressive overall uptime record of 99.99 percent. The load time of its WordPress client sites is equally impressive. WordPress is included in RoseHosting’s one-click cloud server install.   Root access is included on all VPS plans, it is not included in the shared hosting plans.  cPanel is included in every shared hosting plans, it requires license for any VPS plans.

Plans start on the low end with two CPU cores, 1GB RAM, 30 GB SSD storage, and 2TB of data transfer along with free fully managed support. On the high end, there is a plan with 10 CPU cores, 32GB RAM, 500 GB SSD storage, and unmetered data transfer along with the free fully managed support. Rose Hosting runs its cloud servers with a Linux VPS built to host applications like WordPress.

The fully managed support aspect of this host’s offerings is impressive. With fully managed hosting, you will get hardware monitoring, maintenance and replacement, network monitoring, management and availability, IP address provisioning/removal, firewall management, initial control panel and server optimization, initial security hardening, and RoseHosting’s best effort for third-party applications and services up to one hour of free work per month, among other features.

RoseHosting offers a free full weekly backup, with daily backup plans available. Like other hosts, if you want to migrate a site, RoseHosting includes it for free.

The support team is always available, with a promise to respond to emails or support tickets in less than five minutes. Check out this well-established web host for knowledgable, capable customer service and support for your hosted WordPress site.


  • It’s fast
  • It offers SSD (solid state) servers
  • It’s reasonably priced


  • Highly limited entry program
  • Lower storage limits
  • No root access
  • Control Panel not free on lower level plans

Cost (Entry Level Plan)

  • $5.95/mo
  • 1 install (1 url)
  • 200 GB transfer limit
  • 2 GB local storage

rose hosting reviews

Rose Web Services L.L.C.
2977 Hwy K, STE 252
O’Fallon, MO 63368
Phone: (314) 275-0414


Pantheon is a very powerful WordPress host!

The basic plan supports 25,000 monthly visits, with 20GB storage and three domains. Automated backups are held for one month, and support via chat is available 24-hours a day, five days a week. Jumping to the highest level plan ensures support of larger monthly visits all the way up to 10 million visitors. The storage database extends to 200+GB, supporting 200 domains, a six month backup retention time, unlimited automated backups, and 24/7 support with priority treatment via chat, support tickets, and phone, as well as help onboarding.

One of the big draws of Pantheon is its container-based infrastructure. This means that you can scale your site up or down as needed, without running into lag or downtime. If you happen to go viral, no problem — scale up to millions of page views smoothly.

Its speed is also helped with advanced page caching from over 40 locations worldwide, which makes for fast loading.

Pantheon says it runs over a million checks a day, offering advanced site monitoring. It also enables automated sysadmin work to take some of the load off your shoulders.

Performance driving tools like Git and New Relic are built right into Pantheon’s architecture so if you are interested in development, this is a great host. Pre-configured Dev, Test, and Live environments with version control allow you to experiment without downtime. They even have a network of 2000 partner agencies to help with various aspects of your site.


  • It’s the fastest. Period.


  • It’s expensive
  • Lower storage limits
  • No root access
  • Control Panel not free on lower level plans

Cost (Entry Level Plan)

  • $35/mo
  • 1 install (1 url)
  • 25,000 monthly visits
  • 20 GB local storage

pantheon reviews

717 California Street,
San Francisco, CA 94108
Phone: (855) 927-9387



Raidboxes is one of Europe’s leading experts in WordPress hosting, based out of Germany. It is made specifically to handle WordPress installations, with the speed that comes with a high performance host.

Its impressive array of WordPress tools and features includes templates, one-click staging, integrated backups, automated caching, and a strong partner program. Sites are monitored 24/7, and fully managed WordPress, theme, and plugin updates are available to clients. You can migrate your site for free, or create a new site with one click.

Each site is run on its own server, and free SSL adds security and speed. WordPress staging keeps your existing site safe and functional while you test changes. Of interest for businesses who create WordPress sites for clients: you can host these sites with Raidboxes for free before transferring it to your client, and gain a commission for doing so.

Single pricing plans begin with 1GB RAM, 1 vCore CPU, and 5GB SSD, which is expandable. This moves up to a plan with 32GB RAM, 12 vCores CPU and 40GB SSD, still expandable. There is even a mini plan for smaller scale projects!

For web developers/designers, the bulk starter plan offers five WordPress sites, 1GB of RAM per site, and 5GB SSD storage per site. Plans top out with 35 WordPress sites, still with 1GB of RAM per site, and 5GB SSD storage per site.

Whether you are working on your own site or creating client sites, Raidboxes is worth a look.


  • It’s fast


  • It’s expensive + you have to pay 20% more for ‘VAT’
  • Highly limited entry package
  • Support limitations for USA customers

Cost (Entry Level Plan)

  • ~$21/mo (priced in Euro)
  • 1 install (1 url)
  • 1 GB local storage

rapid boxes reviews

Rapidboxes GmbH
Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 7
48153 Muenster
Phone: 020 3608 6334


Amazon LightSail

Amazon Lightsail’s WordPress hosting lets you host a site on its Amazon Web Service cloud. Lightsail is fairly low cost, which is a bonus for companies who want to get started with a host but may not have the budget for one of the pricier options. The tradeoff lies in perhaps less customization through Lightsail, but Amazon is dependable for its configurations.

With Lightsail you will get a virtual machine, server monitoring, terminal access, secure key management, SSD storage, data transfer, DNS management, and a static IP. The lowest plan is only $5 a month, and comes with one virtual CPU, 512MB of RAM, 20GB SSD storage, and 1TB data transfer. The highest plan is $80 a month for 8GB memory, two core processors, 80GB SSD disk, and 5TB transfer. The base plan is not particularly powerful, but very inexpensive for a small site and available for a free month of trial.

Installation is quick, especially with an instance with a pre-installed WordPress application. Of note is how easy it is to integrate with other AWS services, ideal for those already on AWS or considering it for the future.

Lightsail may not be a great fit for power users looking for a lot of oomph, but for people who want to experiment with a WordPress site without shelling out a lot of funds, it can be an excellent way to get online and get started, with the support of a reputable company like Amazon.

amazon lightsail reviews



Flywheel is a popular, fairly new host on the WordPress scene. It is very intuitive and well designed to make WordPress simple and accessible.

Servers optimized for WordPress, custom caching, and a free content delivery network promote performance and speed. Plans start at an inexpensive rate, and there are no charges for overages.

One-click staging sites are another common feature that Flywheel offers. Nightly backups keep your site safe, and free migration makes setup easy. It even comes with a free development application to build your own site, if you want to do that.

Flywheel’s support offerings include tickets, phone, social media and live chat. Its knowledge base for users covers over a hundred articles to help answer questions without even needing to talk to a support tech.

Flywheel is another host that is great for web designers. You can create demo sites that stay free for 14 days, so you can demo your work to clients.

It is also a popular choice for enterprises with Flywheel Blue offering even more power. Instant scaling, enterprise-grade security, a container based system, managed updates, and a premium service level agreement sets this tier of hosting apart, with other features built for big business. Clients like Arby’s, Forbes, Lenovo, and DirectTV are just a few of the brands who use this setup.

Don’t settle for the first WordPress host you hear about. Whatever your priorities – technical capabilities, budget, convenience, or something else – you can find a host that suits your needs so that you get the most from your WordPress experience.

flywheel web hosting reviews

1405 Harney St #201
Omaha, NE 68102
Phone: (402) 235-6105