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If you own a thriving business in vacuum and septic pumping services, then you understand how important it is to have the best vacuum tank and septic pump truck. In the market, you will find many vacuum tank truck companies and septic pump truck manufacturer from which you can pick your right septic and vacuum machines.

The right company to get your septic pumping equipment from will depend on your business engagements, the size of tank you want, and your budget. With the best vacuum tank trucks, septic pumps, and experienced employees, you will take your business to the next level in terms of performance. If you are planning to expand your fleet or invest in brand new trucks and equipment, we could help you find your best fit. Here, we review 10 of the best vacuum tank truck and septic pump truck manufacturers that you can acquire your equipment from.

Top 10 Best Vacuum Tank Truck Companies & Septic Pump Truck Manufacturers

1. Amthor International

Amthor International makes the largest variety of vacuum and septic pump tanks. Each tank is designed and built to meet the specific needs of your services. All the tanks are built in with the American stands in mind for the Americans. The tanks are constructed using the latest technologies and innovations to satisfy your needs. And if you need tanker parts and repairs, they will get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Amthor International
237 Industrial Drive
Gretna, VA 24557
Phone: (434) 656-6233

2. LelyTank & Waste Solutions

LelyTank & Waste Solutions is a vacuum tank and septic trucks manufacturer that can craft any part of your vacuum trucks and septic pump equipment to your specifications. If you are looking for a new vacuum truck, a septic pump equipment, converting your existing truck, or replacing some parts, then they can help you going.

LelyTank & Waste Solutions
111 Lely Drive
Troy, TX 76579
Phone: (800) FOR-LELY

3. KeeVac Industries, Inc.

They are a Denver based vacuum truck up fitter that utilizes both new and old chassis from Ram, Chevrolet, Ford, Peterbilt, Mack, Isuzu for all the builds while offering a variety of septic pump and vacuum trucks that fit your specific service needs. Moreover, they specialize in aluminum slide-in pumper units that fit almost any pick-up truck.

KeeVac Industries, Inc
7717 W. 6th Ave. Unit E
Lakewood, CO 8014
Phone: (303) 789-9440

4. Robinson Vacuum Tanks

Robinson has been in the business of designing and manufacturing for some time now. It specializes in constructing self-contained, slide-in and truck mounted commercial vacuum tanks and septic pump trucks that are reliable in handling liquid waste. The Robinson Vacuum Tanks are designed with a variety of turnkey solutions for liquid waste in mind. Simply request a quote today and they will show you what Robison Vacuum Tanks are all about!

Robinson Vacuum Tanks
306 Runville Road
Bellefonte, PA
Phone: 814-933-0927

5. Progress Tank

Progress Tanks brings you a wide range of vacuum service trucks and septic pump equipment that will meet all your unique line business needs. All the equipment are constructed with modern technology and innovations to provide the best-in-class quality to withstand even the most abusive environment. If you are looking for multi-compartment service tanks, then the firm has you covered with its wide-ranging options that will suit your needs.

Progress Tank
Bradley Junction Industries Estate Leeds Rd
Huddersfield, HD2 1UR, GB
Phone: 800-467-5600

6. House of Imports

Not all vacuum truck and septic pumps are designed and constructed the same. At House of Imports, however, the trucks are built to be suitable for whatever industry you serve. As a member of the National Truck Equipment Association, the firm focuses its efforts in specializing used and new chassis to build a full line of vacuum trucks that are customized to their customers’ needs.

House of Imports
6995 NW 32nd Ave.
Miami, FL 33147
Phone: (305) 691-4778

7. Pik Rite

When it comes to vacuum tanks, Pik Rite manufactures them to work the way you do every day. In fact, the tanks are designed for your unique needs with wide-ranging customization options to choose from. Pik Rite endeavors to partner with you in order to ensure your clients are safely, effectively, and hygienically serviced with the best equipment from Pik Rite. Vacuum trucks from Pik Rite are designed especially for those in septic waste and industrial waste businesses.

Pik Rite
60 Pik Rite Lane
Lewisburg, PA 17837
Phone: (800)326-9763


Ramvac brings quality, service, and industry innovation to the manufacturing of vacuum trucks and septic pump to deliver safe and simple equipment for your service industry. The main goal is to construct equipment that not only meets your needs but also exceeds your expectations. So if you are looking for a simple septic pump and vacuum trucks, then Ramvac ensures quality performance that reduces downtime while keeping your services profitable.

1590 Dutch Road
Dixon, IL 61021
Phone: (800) 323.1604

9. Rush-Overland

Rush-Overland is a manufacturing company that provides high-quality vacuum trucks that are safe, functional, and efficient. The firm aims to deliver everything you need to thrive in your business. Rush Overland has kept the pace of improving and bringing innovative designs in the manufacture of vacuum truck and septic waste equipment. If you are in need of a robust design vacuum truck and septic pump equipment that can handle even the most demanding services, then Rush Overland manufacturing has you covered.

2700 E Interstate 20 Service Rd
Odessa, Texas 79766 USA
Phone: (800) 489-2397

10. Flow Mark Vacuum Trucks

FlowMark was founded to create high-quality vacuum trucks and septic pump equipment in the industry. Every FlowMark vacuum truck is fully engineered to work seamlessly with its operator and is built to live a long and active life with easy serviceability. The firm is dedicated to manufacturing high-quality equipment that is backed by industry-leading warranties.

Flow Mark Vacuum Trucks
610 Adams St
Kansas City, KS 66105
Phone: (833) 653-8100

The above vacuum tank truck manufacturers are known to provide high-quality septic pumping equipment that will elevate your service offerings. Whether you want a new service truck or a used but renovated vacuum truck, these trusted manufacturers will ensure you get the high-quality products that you need.

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