Want to buy an authentic used Rolex watch online?

Every day, thousand of consumers search for trustworthy websites to buy authentic pre-owned Rolex watches online.

Don’t get ripped off, read our definitive list of top websites that sell genuine pre-owned Rolexes online!

About Rolex & Rolex Watches

Once thought in early timepiece history to be unreliable and prone to inaccuracy, wristwatches have now become a symbol of success, status, and professionalism.

The history of Rolex watches dates back to 1905 when its founder, Hans Wilsdorf, challenged himself to prove to the public that wristwatches could not only be elegant, but reliable as well. His mission was a success. In 1910, a Rolex watch was the first wristwatch to receive the Swiss Certificate of Chronometric Precision, a prestigious award granted by the Official Watch Rating Centre in Bienne.

Rolex soon became a leader in the watchmaking industry. Their innovative and trendsetting watches kept their name in the press and in the minds of everyone paying attention. By 1953, Rolex was synonymous with success and achievement. Their new line of professional watches meant anyone who was anyone was wearing a Rolex.

Rolex watches have become a symbol. To the professionals who build themselves up from nothing, owning a Rolex is a symbol of “making it,” a gift to themselves for all of their hard work and the sacrifices they’ve made. To those who come from wealth, their Rolex symbolizes their affluence. And to some couples, the gift of a Rolex is a symbol of love. Rolex watches are a symbol and owning one yourself is now easier than ever.

If you are interested in owning a Rolex watch at a fraction of the cost, then check the list out, and find your Rolex.

What will it symbolize to you?

Before you buy a used Rolex watch online, you already know that fake Rolexes are rampant and that you must only buy from a proven, trustworthy online seller of certified pre-owned watches.  Not only do you not want to buy a fake, you also want to make sure that you don’t buy a watch with any fake or sub-standard pieces.

So where can you buy real Rolex watches from online sellers that won’t rip you off? Here is the definitive list of top pre-owned Rolex watch websites:


These are the Top 10 Best Pre-Owned Rolex Websites to Buy Used Rolexes Online


1. Wingate’s Quality Watches

Wingate’s Quality Watches LLC has garnered a reputation as a trustworthy and industry-leading independent dealer of luxury timepieces. Since 1976, Wingate’s has been developing a vast network of luxury watch brands and models.

Each watch is inspected meticulously and authenticated before being sold. All shipments are insured, and full refunds are available within three days of purchase.

Wingate’s Quality Watches LLC
12900 Preston Road, Suite 1010
Dallas, Texas 75230
Phone: (800) 842-8625


2. Swiss Wrist

Swiss Wrist is a pre-owned high-end watch dealer. They service customers both online and in person in their showrooms. What’s special about Swiss Wrist is their three-year warranty that surpasses the two-year warranty offered by Rolex. Swiss Wrist also has a price match guarantee on all of their products as well as a Lifetime Guarantee on Authenticity.

Swiss Wrist Inc
10401 Venice Blvd # 725
Los Angeles CA 90034
Phone: (213) 623-3632


3. A&E Watches

A&E Watches was founded in 1990 by the Dayan brothers Avi and Eli. Since then, A&E Watches have developed one of the largest selections of certified pre-owned Rolex watches. Something unique about A&E Watches is their layaway option for select Rolex watches. A&E Watches also offers the opportunity to trade-in or trade-up your Rolex after purchase.

A&E Watches
888 Brannan Street, Suite #161
San Francisco, CA 94103
Phone: (415) 437-3262


4. Alan Furman

Alan Furman & Co. is a luxury jewelry store located in Maryland. They offer a large selection of fine watches. Alan Furman & Co. is a family-run business that was started in 1985 and has become one of the largest discounters of high-end watches and jewelry in the United States.
Alan Furman and Co. allow returns up to ten days after purchase.

Alan Furman & Company
12250 Rockville Pike # 270
Rockville, MD 20852
Phone: (800) 654-7184


5. HQ Milton

HQ Milton was founded by Scott Kaplan and established in 2008. HQ Milton has an excellent selection of Rolex sports watches from classic Daytona Chronographs and GMT Masters and Explorers to Day-Dates and Datejusts. They also have a choice of Submariners. All of their timepieces are 100% authentic and ownership guaranteed. Full refunds are available up to five days from purchase.

HQ Milton
2318 Mission St
San Francisco, CA 94110
Phone: (415) 848-7464


6. SwissWatchExpo

SwissWatchExpo is headquartered in Atlanta and was established in 2009. A family-owned business, SwissWatchExpo is a leading online retailer of luxury timepieces. Every watch showcased online is also present in their showroom. Each product page on their website includes ten or more high-resolution photos from every possible angle to provide online shoppers with the utmost quality experience while shopping.

Swiss Watch Expo
3170 Peachtree Rd
Atlanta, GA 30305
Phone: (404) 814-1814


7. Gray & Sons

Gray & Sons was started in 1980 by Keith Gray. What separates Gray & Sons from their competition is their on-site restoration facilities that are run by a team of five Swiss-trained watchmakers with a combined experience of over 150 years. The team is so confident in their work that each Rolex watch sold by Gray & Sons comes with a 24-month warranty.

Gray & Sons Jewelers
9595 Harding Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33154
Phone: (305) 865-0999


8. BeckerTime

BeckerTime is located in Texas and was founded in 1998 by Matthew Becker and his father. Today the company is a successful business in the e-commerce industry, and their pre-owned Rolex watches are available to purchase on their website as well as on more than 45 online marketplaces and stores. BeckerTime does not have a showroom that is available to the public.

4700 Keller Hicks Road
Fort Worth, TX 76244
Phone: (817) 503-2334


9. TrueFacet

TrueFacet is an online marketplace that integrates multiple points of expertise to ensure only authentic items are bought or sold by their customers. Vendors are thoroughly vetted. All jewelry and watches sold on TrueFacet come with a warranty ranging from two to five years depending on the brand.

7th Ave,
New York, NY 10018
Phone: (800) 690-3736


10. Bob’s Watches

Bob’s Watches is distinct from their competition because they are the first and only pre-owned Rolex exchange where consumers can buy, sell, and trade Rolex watches at true fair market value in the world. Every watch listed on the site is in stock and ready for sale.
Bob’s Watches ensure that every watch they sell is 100% authentic.

Bob’s Watches
1900 Quail St.
Newport Beach, CA 92660
Phone: (800) 494-3708


The Conclusion on Buying Used Rolex Watches Online

Owning a Rolex is easier now than ever before. There are numerous websites and stores available to make buying a Rolex for a fraction of the cost cheaper, easier, and more convenient. As fake and counterfeit merchandise continue to be produced with greater accuracy, finding trustworthy companies that can sell authentic Rolex watches is becoming a tougher feat. For this reason, knowing the history and reputation of your company of choice is crucial.

Whether you choose to purchase a Rolex or not is up to you, but it’s important to be sure you know who you’re buying it from especially if you’re purchasing it online. Rolex watches are symbols of love, status, success, and achievement. They’re worn by everyone from athletes to socialites, political figures, and businessmen.

Since its inception more than 100 years ago, Rolex has been a company known for its innovation. From the first self-winding mechanism to the first waterproof watch, Rolex was and still is a company of firsts. For many of the companies listed the same can be said about them. From being amongst the first to operate online to being amongst the first online to being the first fair market exchange, the websites in this list are full of firsts.

Whether you’re looking to purchase your first Rolex or your fiftieth, there are plenty of reputable companies willing to work with you from the moment you pick out your dream Rolex to the moment it’s on your wrist.

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