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There’s a lot of options available but not every prepared meal plan is the same. By evaluating cost, flavor, ingredient quality and nutrition, we compiled the top 10 companies for prepared meal plans to get you started.

We’ve done your home work for you and compiled a list of the very best meal delivery reviews and ratings for meal kit deliver service companies.  Check out this year’s winners.

Top 10 Best Meal Delivery Services & Online Meal Kit Companies 2018

Fresh Meal Plan

The name says it all. Fresh Meal Plan is considered the leader in prepared meals delivered right to your door. Fresh Meal Plan touts eight different plans covering a variety of nutritional needs, such as vegetarian, Paleo and Ketogenic. Additionally, the health-focused company uses fresh, never-frozen meat, wild-caught fish, seasonal exotic fruits and vegetables and whole grains as ingredients. Fresh Meal Plan has a complete offering for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snacks.

Dedicated to feeding working professionals and health-minded people looking to change their life, Fresh Meal Plan is number one in customer satisfaction for mouthwatering and perfectly-portioned prepared meals delivered right to your door.

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Kettlebell Kitchen

Kettlebell Kitchen is great for professionals looking to not only save time, but also looking to gain muscle. With plan names such as “Sports Performance,” “Fat Loss” and “Endurance,” Kettlebell Kitchen’s mission is to “functionally enhance the human body.”

Expect to find cuisine with fitness-focused monikers, such as “Athlete Honey Mustard Chicken with Rice” and “Egg Macro-Muffin Sandwich.” Unlike Fresh Meal Plan, which has a minimum offering of one meal per day for five days, Kettlebell Kitchen allows customers to order meals and snacks on an as-wanted basis. When it comes to pricing, expect Kettlebell to ring the same as Fresh Meal Plan.

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For the ultimate gluten-free experience, consumers may like Freshly – an environmentally conscious company with all-natural ingredients and sustainable, recyclable packaging. With menu offerings such as “Sicilian-Style Chicken Parm” and “Pecan Pork,” Freshly caters to individuals looking for an at-home gourmet chef-style meal without shopping, cooking or cleaning.

With a minimum order requirement of four meals per week, Freshly is slightly higher on the price index than Fresh Meal Plan and Kettlebell Kitchen. However, the more meals ordered, the lower the unit price. Additionally, Freshly offers consumers a $40 credit for every referred friend or family member who signs up.

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Fit Food Fresh

Fit Food Fresh, a South Florida-based company, was founded by members, for members that advertises “real portions” and “no order minimums.” If you care less about what you eat, for $11 per meal, Fit Food Fresh will pick your dishes for you without the weekly reminders. For an additional dollar per meal, you can pick your own food.

The relatively simple interface showcases a wide variety of options, but many of the meal images are not up to date, which leaves a bit to be desired. Unlike most meal delivery plans, Fit Food Fresh offers a kid menu – ideal for working or single parents who want to save time.

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My Pure Life

If you’re looking for healthy prepared meals at least 10 times per week for a little less money, My Pure Life offers five different plans. The Paleo, HCG, Gluten Free, Vegetarian and Gourmet meals start at $10 per meal for a minimum of 10 meals per week, which are divided between two deliveries. Additionally, My Pure Life offers corporate discounts for companies looking to feed a large number of employees on a regular basis.

My Pure Life makes everything from breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner to dessert. It’s snack and dessert options run less than $10 and are mostly solid on a unit-by-unit basis. My Pure Life also has a “Kiddos” menu with two options each for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Instead of one or two bulk deliveries per week, Nutropia delivers meals daily overnight by 6 a.m. to select locations in the Tri-State and Florida regions.  Additionally, Nutropia encourages its subscribers to leave their empty insulated tote in the delivery location each night, which will get reused.

Subscribers can sign up for a variety of plans that range as low as $18 per day for an express lunch and one snack, or as high as $48 per day for 3 meals and 2 snacks. Instead of promoting a per-meal plan, Nutropia offers subscriptions for 7-, 10-, 20-, 30- or 40-day plans for various caloric needs. When signing up, customers are required to pay a $25 security deposit for delivery totes and ice packs, which will be returned after a subscriber cancels his or her plan and returns all totes and ice packs.

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The Foodery

For Bostonians, The Foodery is an up and coming prepared meal delivery service that focuses on sourcing local, farm-raised and in-season ingredients. With two to four servings in every meal, The Foodery is a great option for Bean Town couples or roommates who are looking to save time. However, The Foodery only offers lunch or dinner-type meals that are mainly meat-centric with one or two vegetarian and seafood selections each week. While there is a $45 minimum for each order, customers are not required to have a subscription. The Foodery is only available in Boston and select surrounding areas.

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Metabolic Meals

In California, Metabolic Meals delivers to every zip code across the Golden State with a commitment to preparing food that is free of anything artificial. Metabolic Meals offers three different plans: “My Choice,” where consumers select between eight and 21 meals per week, “Chef’s Choice,” where consumers sign up for three, five or seven days per week, or “Family Plan,” for 22 to 28 meals per week. When consumers select 15 items, the delivery fee is waived.

The meat-centric menu uses wild-caught shrimp, grass-fed beef, grass-fed bison and free-range turkey, to list a few. Additionally, Metabolic’s menu is free of gluten and soy and allows consumers to filter out dairy, beef, eggs, pork and tree nuts.

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Also on the west coast, Munchery began in San Francisco, Calif. and expanded north to Seattle, Wash. Munchery offers a guest plan with no subscription free, or an exclusive membership, which may be the best value for consumers looking for a long-term meal plan solution. While there is an annual membership fee of $83.40, Munchery’s membership includes a 15-percent discount on all menu items and exclusive members-only options. Munchery also offers members a Marketplace savings plan to help keep pantries stocked with essentials, such as olive oil, gourmet cheese and seasonings.

Munchery munchers can find prepared breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts and snacks and it also offers a kid’s menu. Additionally, Munchery delivers fresh-made juice and high-end drinks, such as Hiball Pomegranate Acai and Icelandic Glacial Spring Water.

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Ionutrition offers 100-percent organic meals with no GMOs, no additives, no hormones and no antibiotics, and is also entirely gluten free. Ionutrition has four plans, including the “Original,” “Protein+,” “Paleo Diet” and “Vegetarian.” The more meals per week a subscriber buys, the cheaper the per-meal price.

With kitchens across the United States, Ionutrition offers free delivery to anywhere in the country, including Alaska and Hawaii. In addition to breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, Ionutrition offers bulk meals and sides, such as 16 ounces of quinoa, 16 ounces of wild salmon or four cups of mixed vegetables.

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While more prepared meal delivery options exist in metro east and west coast areas, there are plans available across the country, but freshness and delivery may vary. These top 10 prepared meal delivery companies offer affordable, tasty solutions for working professionals, fitness buffs and even people who simply may not like to cook.