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The Top 10 Best Managed Live Chat Services & Outsourced Chat Agent Monitoring Companies


#1 OctaChat

The is a really interesting managed chat service because they only charge “per qualified lead”.  This is a purely performance-driven service and there are no caps like minimum or maximum. They don’t charge you for support chats, repeat visitors, time wasters, spam chats, out of area requests. You will find as you read through the rest of the companies on this list that the OctaChat payment model is one-of-a-kind.   A company that has the confidence to offer this kind of pricing is worth checking out.

OctaChat has expertise in the following industries:

  • Real Estate
  • Law Firms
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Medical
  • Home Service
  • Digital Agencies
  • Universities & Colleges

4283 Express Lane
Suite 550-770
Sarasota, FL 34238
Phone: (877) 787-2676

#2 Leads By Chat

This is an interesting story.  The parent company for Leads by Chat as a search engine marketing company.  This is key because most chat companies have very little SEO knowledge and don’t even rank for their own services.   They realized that while their B2B clients were getting improved traffic to their website through SEO, PPC, Display Banners, and Social Media, and converting some of them into leads through web form fills and phone calls, they were still missing out on engaging with a significant portion of their web traffic.  Today’s Internet users are impatient – websites need better engagement in order to get conversions.  Leads By Chat has created a unique managed chat solution.


  • $99/mo for 200 chats/mo traffic
  • $299/mo for 600 chats/mo traffic
  • $699/mo 1500 chats/mo traffic
  • $999/mo 2000 chats/mo traffic

Leads by Chat
4100 Midway Rd, Suite 2120,
Carrollton, TX 75007
Phone: (972) 388-3322

#3 Help Squad

Help Squad has a unique way of training their live chat agents.  They have professional in-house copywriters that gather FAQs from you and your web site and turn them into chat messaging guidelines that fit your brand’s tone and business objectives.   Help Squad does an awesome job of getting to know your ideal clients and then training and educating their agents on how to answer and serve your website visitors. Your own personal “Squad Leader” reviews & revises the chat messaging guidelines with you until you feel comfortable with the approach and language we will use with your customers. Once they start interacting with customers on your site, you will have full access to their live chat software so you can give live feedback as well as see every chat transcript.


  • $95/mo for 25 chats/mo traffic
  • $185/mo for 50 chats/mo traffic
  • $360/mo 100 chats/mo traffic
  • $700/mo 200 chats/mo traffic

Help Squad
520 Evans Street, Suite 2
Bethlehem, PA, 18015
Phone: (877) 775-3667

#4 Live Chat Monitoring

Live Chat Monitoring offers live chat monitoring for savvy business owners who want to increase their website conversion rates.  Live Chat Monitoring is an Australian owned company with headquarters in South Melbourne, and satellite offices in the US and UK. Their team is made up of highly-trained customer service professionals who receive ongoing weekly training in consumer behavior and lead capture.  Live Chat Monitoring’s founder, Gavin Sloan, launched after using and recommending live chat software for a number of years to his clients.  As per Live Chat Monitoring’s website, on average, most websites with live chat experience a 20-30% increase in leads and inquiries.

Live Chat Monitoring
340 S Lemon Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 91789 USA
Phone: (213) 283-0782

#5 GreeChat

GreeChat delivers more sales for your business and deeper customer insights by providing the software, agents and management team to proactively engage your website visitors 24/7 through Live Chat monitoring services.  It takes only 2 minutes to implement their online chat code, about a week to onboard their agents, and a month to start showing ROI for your business.

GreeChat has industry specialist teams for Real Estate, Auto, Medical, Education and Legal industries.  They also have an amazing list of top tier, Fortune 500 clients, so you know the quality of this online chat monitoring service is top-notch.


  • No pricing transparency on website

Level 1, 795 Folsom Street,
San Francisco, CA 94107


#7 ChatMarshal

ChatMarshal is really cool in that they combine the power of chatbots with real human, managed live chat services. You can now turn your website into an interactive selling and customer service tool with a 24 hour outsourced and fully managed live chat service, or chatbot assistant, or both. Chat Marshal’s live chat operators assist your web visitors and help turn your hard-earned website traffic into more leads and sales.  ChatMarshal will set up and manage your live chat 24 hours per day at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself. With ChatMarshal outsourced and fully managed live chat service, your live chat will never be offline.  They have a great 30 days money-back guarantees too.


  • $10 for 100 chatbot chats
  • $400 for 1000 hybrid chatbot + human chats
  • $800 for 1000 human chats


#8 Chat Outsource

Chat Outsource provides cost effective managed live chat monitoring services.  At Chat Outsource, they provide trained chat agents to businesses looking for outsourced ‘lead-based’ chat support. Chat outsource focuses on optimizing online conversions, increasing ROI, engaging web visitors, resolving customer queries, handling complaints and generating leads for their clients.  Chat Outsource is also one of the few live chat support companies on this list that is “Live Chat” certified by LiveChat Inc, the leading technology platform for powering website chat.

Chat Outsource has a great variety of industry-specific experience including:

  • Legal Services
  • Food & Restaurant
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Auto
  • eCommerce
  • Education
  • Plumbing & HVAC
  • Solar
  • Medical
  • Real Estate


  • $199; up to 50 inquiries / chats
  • $399; up to 110 inquiries /  chats
  • $999; up to 300 inquiries / chats


#9 Help Desk 24/7 is part of Web Design LLC, a company listed on the INC500 two years in a row. They are a professionally managed US live chat monitoring service company from McLean, Virginia.   Their world-class delivery centers in Manila, Philippines, are an integral part of our global delivery network helping deliver business value to our clients worldwide across a wide range of industries.  Help Desk 24/7 team are hand-picked for their focus, team-oriented approach and listening skills.

Help Desk 24/7 has no setup fees and has an awesome “unlimited chats” model that ranges between $0.29/hr and $0.39/hr


  • $99/mo
  • $129/mo
  • $149/mo
  • $199/mo


#10 The Chat Shop

The Chat Shop employs highly trained UK and US-based live chat agents, monitored across over 20 different quantitative and qualitative metrics weekly. The company’s managed chat agents are armed with custom conversation approaches and data-driven user targeting. This means that they are best equipped to manage live website chat for your business.  They give you the best people, industry-leading processes and the technology to boot.

Managed Chat Services

  • Manage chat for sales
  • Managed chat for support
  • Help desk management

Are you ready to hire a Managed Live Chat Monitoring Service?

We have asked several live chat monitoring experts, including those that actually run outsourced live chat companies, what kind of questions you should ask.

Tips from Justin M. Baer

Just Baer is the founder of a leading managed live chat provider.  Property Chat 365 provides manage live chat for a variety of businesses from multi-family apartments, home services, legal services and more – essentially any type of business looking to increase conversions on their website.  Property Chat 365 usually sees an increase in the number of leads monthly to a business at
around 35%.

According to Justin, the key things to look for in a managed live chat service provider are:

  • Where do the reps reside?
  • Is English their native language?
  • Is there an English proficiency test reps are required to take?
  • Can you customize the chat invite design?
  • Are they HIPAA Compliant?
  • Do they offer call connect services?
  • Can they connect into your company’s CRM system via API

Tips from Ben Roberts

ben Roberts is the Head of Marketing at Talkative based in the UK.  Talkative provides a managed live chat service to the automotive sector.  Ben suggests that you ask the following 5 questions before you hire a company for outsourced live chat monitoring:

  • What is your SLA record? Not just what you can promise, but show me your track record. Look for chat response times, percentage missed chats and conversion rates. They should also provide 24×7 service!
  • How big are your other customers? If you are far smaller than their other customers, your requirements will not be as important as their other clients.
  • How do you deliver leads? It’s important that warm leads/contacts are swiftly passed off to your existing systems, usually a CRM.
  • How well do you know our industry? Industry knowledge and domain expertise is key. Agents need to understand the product that customers are enquiring about.
  • What’s your technology roadmap? It’s important to have a technology partner who can provide flexibility, feature richness, strong UI, and is aware of the changing technology landscape.

Tips from Amit RG

Amit is the founder of Richpanel and has over 8+ years in retail tech. Richpanel is a Help Desk and Live Chat Software. They help clients connect their customer data from their apps so the agents have full context when assisting the customer.  Amit has provided 5 questions he thinks you should ask prior to hiring a managed live chat service provider.

  • Do you integrate my customer data (live and historic) in your chat service so my agents have full context while speaking with the customer?
  • How easy is this integration? Is it plug and play? or do I have to get my tech involved??
  • Is your chat software capable of tracking my customer’s live activity so my agents can troubleshoot with a customer?
  • How can your system save my agents’ time? Does it support macros and automation?
  • Does it cost a ton?

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