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Top 10 Best Chatbot Builders & Chat Bot Building Platforms 2019

Are your searching for the best chatbot builders or Facebook messenger chatbot building platform reviews?

As you probably already, otherwise you would not be reading this post…? – chatbot has already gained tremendous success, and it is being used with huge results in terms of lead and revenue generation as well as savings. From small enterprises to big brands, businesses can tap onto the power of chatbot to grow their client base and grow profits.

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot (also known as a talkbot, chatterbot, Bot, IM bot, interactive agent, or Artificial Conversational Entity) is a website application which conducts a conversation via voice or text messaging. The computer programs are designed to mimic human conversational behavior. Chatbots are typically used fo customer service and website conversion optimization. Some chatbots use advanced natural language processing systems based on artificial intelligence, but many simpler systems scan for keywords, then pull a reply with the most matching keywords, from a database.

Here Are the Top 10 Chatbot Builders and Facebook Messenger Chat Bot Building Platforms for 2019


Founded by Larry Kim in June 2017, Mobile Monkey allows users to build a fully-functioning chatbot for Facebook messenger without coding knowledge.

MobileMonkey’s chatbots quickly learn to ask and answer questions about your business; and training your Monkey is as simple as reviewing and answering a handful of questions every couple of days.

ChatbotPlans and Pricing

  • Personal plan – FREE
  • Professional Plan – $49/MO
  • Team Plan – $149/MO

359 Newbury Street, 5th Floor
Boston, MA, 02115 USA
Phone: (855) 720-2694


Headquartered in San Francisco, Chatfuel was founded in 2015 with the goal of making chatbot building easy for pretty much everyone. Initially started on Telegram before moving to chatbots for Facebook Messenger, Chatfuel’s customer base includes NBA and NFL teams, publishers like Forbes and TechCruch and millions of other users. Chatfuel focuses on helping users tap on the power of chatbots to strengthen their connection with their audience.

Chatbot Plans and pricing

  • Chatfuel PRO – $30/MO.

555 De Haro Street
San Francisco, CA 94107 USA
Phone: (408) 674-1263


If you are looking to a chatbot that makes it easy for you to grow your audience with ease, look no further than ManyChat. Equipped with tools that converts anyone into a subscriber, ManyChat is the ideal chatbot for users who already have a following or are just starting out. Their easy to use platform lets you create a fully functioning bot in less than 2 minutes; and you do not need any coding language to succeed with it.

Chatbot Plans and Pricing

  • Free Plan – $0/MO.
  • PRO Plan – $10/MO.

814 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA 94107 USA


Keep your audience informed seamlessly and obtrusively with Flowxo. All you have to do is build your chatbot once and distribute it to over to millions of messaging users on different platforms. And better still, you get to drive traffic to your chatbot through social media and email. With Flowxo, your users can easily share your chatbot with their networks, promoting viral growth. Its inbuilt analytics provide a high-level overview of your chatbots’ success. Other tools include web tools to promote your bots, embedded web messenger, templates to get you started without much hassle, RSS feeder, email/helpdesk support, multiple language support, and image sharing feature among others.

Chatbot Plans and pricing

  • Starter Plan – Free
  • Standard Plan – $19/MO

Flow XO Limited
Ribble Court, 1 Mead Way
Padiham BB12 7NG


Founded by Usama Noman in 2015, Bostify allows in-app integrations which are set up in no more than 3 clicks unlike using third party integration platforms that take up a lot of time learning how to setup an integration. Unlike most chatbots, Bostify boasts of the following features: Shopify integration, Human takeover, Alexa integration, Conversion forms, and WordPress integration among other features.

Plans and Pricing

  • Free plan – $0/MO
  • Basic Plan – $10/MO
  • Premium Plan – $30/MO
  • Business Plan – $50/MO

N-746, Korangi 3.5
Karachi, Pakistan
Phone: +92-331-2378095


ChatterOn allows users to merge user conversion flow with AI, making it easy to direct users without affecting their flexibility to explore your services using natural language. With easy to use features like pre-built chatbots, machine learning, rich content, and business integration, ChatterOn lets you handle all kinds of rich content responses by connecting different APIs at each interaction with the user.

Plans and Pricing

  • Free Plan – $0
  • Business Plan – $ 0.0010/Message

E – 4/149, Sector – 7
Rohini, Delhi, 110085, India


Interact with millions of your clients via Facebook and Kik using Sequel bots. With zero coding knowledge required, all you have to do is answer a few questions and a ready-to-launch bot will be automatically generated. In addition, Sequel works with Facebook, Kik, Viber, and Telegram. Some of Sequel’s amazing features include: auto-share, polls and quizzes, API integrations, group, free-cloud hosting, and live chat among other amazing features.

Plans and pricing

  • Contact customer support

460 S. California Avenue, #201
Palo Alto, CA 94306 USA


Whether you are looking for DIY solutions or fully turnkey chatbot development, Pandorabots allows users to access a wide spectrum of services to meet their business’ needs. With offices in San Francisco, Tokyo, and London, Pandorabots comes with open-standards based and extensible with all the tools you need to create, launch, and iterate your chatbot.

Plans and pricing

  • Free Plan – $0/MON
  • Premium – $0.0025/message
  • Enterprise – Contact support for pricing

Phone: (415) 343.5894


Give your millennial audience a chance to get your messages on Facebook messenger with Meokay. Meokay works seamlessly with Facebook messenger and comments. In addition, Meokey recognizes variations on users’ trigger words and phrases. And it lets you take orders via messenger and comments, letting you integrate with PayPal, Stripe, bKash and other major payment systems.

Chatbot Plans & Pricing:

  • Contact customer support


Chatty People

ChattyPeople makes the ultimate AI-powered enterprise chatbots with voice and text They help users create, deploy, test, measure and manage customized bots, native conversational experience within the messaging application of their choosing. ChattyPeople features bot analytics, multi-platform support, and custom solutions among other features.

Plans and pricing

  • Contact customer support



Even if you are an experienced developing, handling Facebook API is no easy task. You need to be prepared for edge cases, complex algorithms, and potential bugs. Using a chatbot builder is as easy as creating a blog using online tools like WordPress or managing email campaigns using Mailchimp. However, a successful chatbot messaging begins by finding the right chatbot builder. And discussed above are some of the best chatbot builders that you should consider for your next chatbot project.

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