More Floods offers marketing and operation systems guaranteed to help water restoration service providers acquire more water damage work in their area. More Floods was launched in 2005 with the goal of providing water restoration companies all over the country with an affordable alternative to working with expensive water damage restoration franchises.

After consistently acquiring 75 – 80 monthly water restoration jobs for their own independent water restoration company, Power Dry, owners Cliff Cole and Greg Petropoulous knew they needed to share the wealth of information they had learned through their own trial and error with other independent contractors. They were inspired to create More Floods as a way to share the strategies they found to be so important in their business with other contractors working in water damage repair.

Flood Damage Marketing For Restoration Contractors

More Floods uses a membership based model for their company because they believe this is the best approach for everyone involved. Not only does More Floods provide consistent and high quality assistance to their members, they also learn from their members everyday. Through the feedback of the entrepreneurs who are members with More Floods, they can continue to improve the services they provide. Because of this, they are able to provide operational and restoration marketing systems which are constantly improving so members can be sure they are participating in the best practices for finding consistent work in water damage repair.

More Floods is located in Lenexa, Kansas, just outside the Kansas City Metro area. However, they provided important services to Kansas City water restoration contractors and contractors nationwide. These services include complete marketing and operational systems, training and support.

Through over 25 years of their own trial and error in the water restoration business and working with their numerous members, More Floods has compiled the very best marketing and operation systems. These systems are guaranteed to help you maximize your customer base while supporting you as you provide high quality water damage repair. This is accomplished through various proven methods, including:

  • marketing your company through referrals
  • strategies for landing non-insurance and insurance water damage repair jobs before big franchises
  • efficient systems for managing staff and creating a highly productive workplace environment
  • guided branding of your business
  • access to best practices and constantly updated systems which are guaranteed to keep your business relevant in an ever changing industry

Water Damage Marketing & Lead Generation

In addition the marketing and operation systems, More Floods provides training online and at their facility to their members. The training resources and classes available are industry leading, providing managers and business owners with the practical knowledge they need to run a multi-million dollar water restoration business. Additionally, training is available for employees including orientation, marketing rep training, water damage lead generation, monthly live and pre-recorded webinars, and continuing education for instructors.

Lastly, More Floods offers friendly and unlimited support to their 140+ members. Through their Best Business Practices Group, members have access to unlimited coaching, support for their employees, discounts with relevant vendors, and networking with the other members through a member only Facebook group.

Today’s water damage repair industry is an incredibly competitive market. Because of this, More Floods does with business with the goal of providing contractors, plumbers, and cleaning crews who specialize in water restoration with the very best support and services so they work competitively in their field.