Blogger Local accepts high quality blog posts related to small business, local business, and digital marketing.

We have had some fantastic contributions, many of which get high search engine rankings for very competitive search terms.

If you like our site and really feel that it is valuable to both our readers and yours, it really helps to show us how you have linked to our existing content.

We do not accept: gambling, adult, crytpo, pharma related posts.

1. Sponsored Posts &  Guides (Minimum 1,500 words)

  • $300 per post
  • 1,500 word minimum
  • Can include one standard link with custom anchor
  • High authority editorial links allowed (but may be edited or removed)
  • No bio or author information allowed
  • Must be written in native English
  • Must include a featured image
  • Screenshots encouraged
  • No links in first paragraph
  • Main keyword in title, first sentence and last sentence
  • Main keyword in two subtitles
  • Main keyword used a minimum of 8 times (no more than 12)
  • Use of (h2) subtitles and bullet / numbered lists where appropriate
  • Separate 50 word post summary description (this will be used for the Google meta description in the Yoast settings)


2. “Top 10 Posts” (Minimum 2,000 words)

  • $500 per post
  • Your submission must be a “Top 10 List”
  • It can only be a list of companies or services that have an actual physical mailing address
  • In other words, nothing like “top 10 recipes” etc.
  • The companies listed must serve all or most of the national market

Requirements (Top Ten List Submissions)

  1. 2,000 word minimum blog post (example for business brokers)
    • 500 word introduction
    • 100 words minimum per company description
    • Include pricing and pros and cons
    • 500 words minimum conclusion
  2. Companies listed must provide products or services that help small businesses or consumers, but at the national level or international level.
  3. Unique, Copyscape passed content, exclusive to Blogger Local
  4. Only well-written posts with native level English grammar will be accepted
  5. One rectangular, 1000px wide featured image (do not submitted images that require a source citations)
  6. Use of (h2) subtitles and bullet / number lists where appropriate
  7. Separate 50 word post summary description (this will be used for the Google meta description in the Yoast settings)

Optional / Preferred

  1. Supplementary images and screens shots
  2. Editorial links to 3rd party websites are permitted as long as they add value to the post and link to quality content that clearly adds value to the post
  3. Links to previous Blogger Local blog posts appreciated
  4. Embedded video (or podcast audio) allowed if it adds value to the post

Can You Add Links?

  • Each company within your Top 10 list must have full company information, including a link to their website
  • You can have one editorial link in the introduction paragraph and one in the conclusion paragraph


  • We reserve the right to edit any of the content at any time, including removing or changing links at any time, or changing the ordering or companies listed
  • We promote every post on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and on other channels and hope our contributors reciprocate (as they almost always do).
  • We will provide you with an author credit with a link back to your website and two social media accounts

Desired Topics

  • Must be educational and not advertorial
  • Anything related to small businesses or local business
  • Anything related to blogging or content marketing (example for virtual assistant companies)
  • Top Ten lists that serve the national¬† market

Submission Process

You can email us to pitch a title or an idea, or if you feel you have post that meets all of the above requirements, you can submit the post directly via the email provided below.

We generally post new submissions within 2 weeks to 4 weeks.

To submit a guest post pitch, please reach out on our contact page.