Founded by a small group of marketing executives, including web designers and SEO experts and professionals, our mission is to provide unique, valuable & timely information about local businesses for our readers, whom we communicate with through our Blogger Local websites and social media. The goal is to create content that not only has SEO value for businesses, but content that is of great interest to readers, and promotes sharing through social media.


Ever since the Google Panda & Penguin updates, businesses have been urged to create fresh, unique content for their websites for the purposes of search engine optimization and the benefit of a website’s “Google rankings.” The difficulty for most businesses is finding the time – writing takes time.

The alternative is to “outsource” the writing to a third party. This is a viable solution in terms of SEO, but often-times the content lacks the knowledge, personality and insight that a business owner can infuse. It can be bland, and results in content that isn’t digested by readers nor “shared” beyond the business’ website. Thus, it has no value beyond its impact on a business’ Google rankings.

8467487974_fe25d184f9_oA Better Solution

We wanted to come up with a way to help businesses create weekly blog content that has the “heart” of the business owner, and combine that with the benefits of content that is both optimized for search engines and is of enough interest to readers that it would promote sharing through social media.

We have this solution in Blogger Local, a platform for bloggers in every corner of the country to create their own “city” blog that focuses on the latest and greatest form local businesses. Weekly articles are published and shared through our “local” Blogger Local website and social media, as well as client websites.

Value to Businesses

Our value to businesses combines search engine optimization, social media and public relations in one solution. The result of our unique content-creation system is more website traffic, higher conversions, sales & profits.