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Best Podcast Booking Service & Podcast Guest Booker Services

Podcasting is an awesome form of content marketing – maybe one of the very best.  There aren’t many of types of content marketing tactics that can get you so many benefits for a relatively small amount of effort.   Before we get to the list of the best providers, let’s first explain why podcasts are so great:

Top Reasons to be Interviewed as a Podcast Guest

By being booked on a a single show you can (see podcast benefits infographic at the bottom of this page)

  • Personally connect with an influencer
  • Reach a new, highly engaged audience
  • Establish authority in your niche by leveraging the host’s influence
  • Offer a call-to-action and generate leads
  • Generate targeted traffic to your website
  • Gain truly organic backlinks that will help your SEO rankings (via host’s show notes page)
  • Increase trust in your personal brand
  • Gain “embeddable” premium audio content for your website
  • Save time: a 30-minute interview is much easier than drafting a 1,000+ word quality blog post
  • Promote a form of content that is inherently more interesting and shareable than a blog post

Convinced yet?  You should be.  Podcasting has been popular since 2005 and interesting in this medium continues to soar:

Now it’s time to figure out a plan, and started getting booked on podcasts that are relevant to your business.  We identified a list of the top podcast booking services and resources you will find on the Internet.  Working with a podcast booking service can be a great move because it will save you time and money.  Then again, if you are willing to put a little extra work into the process, you may be able to hire your own podcast booker or heck, even become your own podcast booker.

Who are the best podcast booking services?  The top podcast service providers are as follows:

The Best Podcast Booking Services

1. Interview Valet

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Interview Valet sets the standard in terms of delivering a full-service, highly customized podcast booking solution that is design to maximize your ROI.  This is a more consultative approach to podcast booking than a VA (virtual assistant) based approach that most other service providers offer.  This business is run by podcasting authorities that offer quality over quantity.

According to the Interview Valet, they will:

  • Find the ideal podcast for you: They identify & promote you to podcasters who have big audiences filled with your ideal customers.
  • Schedule the podcast interview:  They coordinate a convenient time for you to be interviewed.
  • Prep for the podcast: Interview Valet will provide you with a complete summary on the host, their audience, & possible question.
  • Build a summary episode web page: each podcast interview gets a dedicated page converting listeners into visitors.

How much does Interview Valet Cost? (as of April 2017)

  • Gold Package: This podcast booking package provides 2 ideal interviews a month for $697 per month.
  • Platinum Package. This podcast booking package provides 4 ideal interviews a month for $997 a month.

The Fine Print

  • All packages require a 3 month commitment.
  • Certification Training. This ensures you have the equipment, welcome pages, pitch sheet, practice interview, checklists and knowledge to start seeing results from your first podcast. The process takes about 2 weeks to complete. The cost is a one-time fee of $497 or $197 is you already have professional audio equipment.

Special Note: One great thing about Interview Valet is that you will have no conflict of interest.  Some podcast booking services try to double-dip by charge the host and you, the interviewee.  This is a pretty big conflict of interest and a possible red flag.  Be sure to ask if any podcast booking service you consider hiring is playing both sides of the table.

2. Get Featured

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Get featured is another full featured podcast booking service run by Daniel Gefen, a successful entrepreneur that also has his own very successful podcast “Can I Pick Your Brain.” This podcasting booking service is unique, because the team of a proven expert will help you get access that may be beyond the reach of many service providers.

You might expect to pay a premium for this level of access and expertise, and you will.

How much does Get Featured cost? (as of April 2017)

  • Expert: $2,990
  • Guru:  $5,660
  • Celebrity:  $8,330

The base package includes 8 targeted podcast shows, identifying the perfect shows, a custom designed Bio Page, pitching you to the host, coordinating times and details, preparing you for each interview, developing your story and call to action, promote on our social network (60,000+). With the Guru you ge 16 booking and the Celebrity, 24 bookings.

3. The Expert Bookers

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According to the website, The Expert Bookers was started by two of the original team members of Interview Connections (see below).  Their pricing is:

  • Monthly Option: $445/mo
  • Lil Extra Package:  $2,225 for 24 interviews booked within 3 months

If you are not going to hire a VA to help you book, this may be one of the better value priced podcast booking package providers.

The Expert Book packages includes scheduling of podcast interviews by scheduling directly to your calendar link, providing the host with your guest bio, head-shot and show intro.

According to their website, they will “ensure you get outstanding customer service and quality bookings because we work one-on-one with you. Think of us as your personal podcast expert who will make your interviews happen, no fuss, no bells-and-whistles and no high price tag. We do all the arduous legwork involved in getting you superb interviews confirmed and scheduled, saving you valuable time and that cringe-worthy feeling of having to pitch yourself.”

At the end of the day, the true value of a podcast booking service is whether or not they can book you on quality podcasts that are relevant to your niche, not just hitting monthly quota number.

Learn more about The Expert Bookers:


4. UpWork

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According to WikiPedia, Upwork is a global freelancing platform where businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate remotely.  Upwork has 12 million registered freelancers and five million registered clients. Over 3 million jobs are posted annually, worth a total of $1 billion USD, making it the world’s largest freelancer marketplace.

Why have we listed Upwork as a podcast booking solution?  Because much of getting booked on shows requires basic research and outreach.  This would can easily be completed by a virtual assistant for $15 to $30 per hour, depending on experience.  In fact, some podcast booking services are in fact a crowd source of independent booking agents.  Seriously – some sites charge hundreds of dollars a month while outsourcing you to an hourly VA and creating a one-page sheet from Fiverr. So, there is no reason you could not go and hire your own virtual assistant and get plenty of bookings each month for a fraction of the package rates or per-booking rates that many third party booking services charge.

How muach Does Upwork Cost?

Learn more about Upwork at:

5. Interview Connections

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Rounding out the bottom of this year’s list is Interview Connections.  Despite having a bit of a dated website and a tad tricky to navigate, this is a popular, value-priced, full-service guest booking service that is popular for it’s fairly priced packages (as of April 2017):

  • Titanium Package: $497/mo (~$125/booked podcast)
  • Gold Package:  $397/mo (~$200/booked podcast)

The company’s stated mission is “to bring entrepreneurs together for podcast interviews and create meaningful employment opportunities for working mothers and women.”   As an alternative to UpWork, you will pay a substantially higher amount per podcast booking, but can get some nice extra bells and whistles.  On the other hand, if you pay an experienced independent podcast guest booker (let’s say $30/hour), you can get 16+ hours of guest booking time for the same $500 you would pay in the Titanium Package.  If that sounds like a huge middle-man markup, it is.  But to get this kind of savings, you have to put the elbow grease into vetting your own virtual assistant.  If you do, the payoff can be huge and podcast booking services add huge markups to the cost of the actual bookers.  This works the same way as blog writing services, where the middle men make a ton and the actual blog writers make a fraction of the fee.  The bottom line question is: how much is your time worth?  If you want a “done for you” podcasting booking service at a decent value, Interview Connections could be a great choice for you.

The packages include a private 30 minute consult call, getting listed in the Interview Connections guest database, access to a group coaching call library, podcast promotion, a free custom one-sheet design and ongoing support from a guest podcast booker.

Learn more about Interview Connections:

Other Podcasting Resources

Radio Guest

Radio Guest List is a email subscription service that send regular emails with request from podcast hosts looking for guests in a certain genre or fit a certain set of criteria.  The base subscription is free, but there are upgraded mailing list.  It’s a pretty awful, dated website, but there is some good value in the service.  The premium email subscription ranging from $5-$10 per month:

  • All Alerts: Get ALL the Guest Request Alerts they publish delivered right to your inbox, every Monday and Wednesday (and sometimes Fridays) each week. These emails include 50% – 100% interview opportunities than the free list subscribers receive.
  • Targeted Alerts:  Targeted Premium Guest Requests from radio shows and podcasts looking for interviews about your favorite topics or expertise.
  • Alerts Digest:  A once-a-week email collection of ALL the recent Guest Request Alerts in one weekly digest each Wednesday.


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